Garden Armor has consistently delivered high quality lawn and garden products to the marketplace, keeping the customer's needs at the forefront of design.


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Weed Armor

Landscape Fabric

If you are looking for residential, commercial, or professional ground cover, Weed Armor has you covered. Our landscape products are produced to meet and exceed the highest industry standards. Check out all that Garden Armor has to offer!

Frost Armor

Frost Protection

During the cold winter months, Garden Armor’s Frost Armor will help keep your flowers, bushes, small trees and gardens protected. Stop losing your hard work to natures elements and get protection from frost with Frost Armor.



ground stabilization

Ground Stabilization Fabric

Having a solid foundation is key. ArmorLay provides superior stabilization for driveway’s, sidewalks, construction entrances, stone pavers, rock, and the list goes on. If you are looking for maximum stability, erosion control, rut prevention, and more, check out ArmorLay, by Garden Armor.



Roof Underlayment

Suited for use with all asphalt-based composite roof shingles, steep slope roof applications, as well as metal roof applications. ArmorLay’s synthetic underlayment is 5x stronger, 5x lighter, and 5x more coverage with one roll. Check out ArmorLay’s synthetic underlayment today!

Tree Watering Solutions

tree watering products

Protect your newly planted trees and shrubs with our tree watering bags and rings. Holds 15-20 gallons of water with a drip time of 5-8 hours for deep saturation of the soil. 100% water concentration, conserves water by preventing run-off.